What is affiliate marketing?

Most bloggers and influencers use affiliate marketing to keep their businesses up and running. Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote products or services you like or find very useful, and in return you receive a small commission when somebody purchase from your blog. Commissions are typically a very small percentage of the sale price.

The process goes like this: you sign up for the affiliate program for the brands or companies you love and use and they give you a special link which you put on your posts. With that link the company can track how many sales came from your blog so they can give you a percentage of the sales.

This is good for all parties. Brands, bloggers/influencers and also for the readers as they will receive true input from a real person who actually tried the product and can recommend it.

Does this mean a buyer will pay more?

Not at all! This doesn’t affect the price at all and in some cases you can even get a special discount the company gives to me to offer to my readers.

What does it mean when you purchase from my link?

It is about the same if you purchased from anybody else’s link or just from looking up the company on Google. The only difference is that I receive a small commission from the company since the sale was made through the link I posted on my blog. For example if you purchased something that costs $30 I will receive a small portion of it and you will still pay $30 as there is no additional cost to you. The companies are the ones who pay the commission.

Do you post about the products/services you actually like?

Of course I do! I would never jeopardize my credibility by recommending something I don’t even like or find very useful. Don’t get me wrong, earning money from affiliate marketing is great, but my main goal here is to help people and sometimes you need to recommend the tools, apps, or products you used to grow your brand in order to help them.

Amazon Associates Disclosure

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