How To Make Money On Etsy – Make Over $100,000 Per Year With A New Etsy Shop

Working from home is something that became available to all these days and there are many opportunities to make money online. In this article, I will show you exactly how to make money on Etsy and how I managed to earn more than $100,000 in a year with new Etsy shop. I am earning more than $100,000 per year from that shop alone to this day and I currently run 3 successful Etsy shops and on my blog I will teach you everything I learned so far.

Learn the exact steps on how to make money on Etsy

One of the ways to make money online is to work on platforms such as Etsy or Fiverr or sell digital products on Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles and The Hungry Jpeg. For the past few years, I had a steady income from all of the platforms I mentioned (from some I had a great income, while some of it were just side hustles) but in this article, I will only talk about how to make money on Etsy and teach you the exact steps on how to make money on Etsy with a new Etsy shop.

Etsy currently has 2.1 million sellers and 40 million buyers (2023. update) and is already a well-known platform. Also, since most of the products on Etsy are hand-made or designed items buyers are willing to pay way more for a service or a product than for example on Fiverr, which is why it is crucial to learn how to make money on Etsy as there are many opportunities here.

After implementing the techniques on how to make money on Etsy I will show you here I started making money on Etsy after just three months without any prior experience. I need to mention that I started making money on Etsy in the first few weeks after opening my shop and my income slowly increased to a steady $3000 per month ever since with exception to holiday season where I earned up to 8 times more per month, which made over $100,000 per year.

I had zero experience with how to make money on Etsy at that time (year 2019), and this was my first Etsy shop ever, so everything I learned along the way with three successful shops I run today, I will be sharing on my blog, so make sure to pin this post for later, as it is will be a long one.

Pin this post for later as it contains useful information and it is a long one

January – $0

I opened my first Etsy shop in January 2019. In the first month, I had 149 visits and $0 revenue. I didn’t know nothing about making money on Etsy and everything was so new to me.

February – $179.90

In the second month I had 205 visits which is not much more than 149 visits from the first month, but this month I managed to have 8 orders and earned $179.90. This gave me a much-needed boost that making money on Etsy is possible. I started exploring Etsy’s SEO and learning how to implement those techniques to have more sales.

March – $718.96

In the third month, I had three times more visits than the past month – 648 visits and I had 34 orders which resulted in $718.96 in revenue. At this time I started implementing SEO techniques I will explain in this article for Etsy listing titles, descriptions, and tags and it resulted in much more traffic and revenue.

April – $2963.55

SEO takes about a month to see real results and I started implementing it at the beginning of March, so after just three months of selling on Etsy I was able to earn almost $3000 with 120 orders and 648 visits. That was a huge step for me and I am sure it will be for you too. I realized that making money on Etsy is possible and that it doesn’t have to be a side hustle, it can be a full-time income.

May – $3584.54

From April 2019 to this day I started earning at least $3000 per month and in the holiday season (from October to January) up to 8 times more per month! I will write more in the future about selling during the holiday season with ideas on what to sell as well as income reports in another post, so stay tuned.

I will not post every single screenshot here, but here is a screenshot from this year’s holiday season where I made $77,308.06 in just 3 months with that same shop I started in 2019. And that is just one of the three Etsy shops I run today.

October – December 2022 – $77,208.06

Opening an Etsy shop is an easy task and it takes just a few minutes to do that, but to actually start making money on Etsy you will need to learn some things and implement them to your shop. The things I want to focus on mostly here are Etsy’s SEO, listing descriptions, listing images, and titles which are the key to being discovered on Etsy.

There are many great shops with amazing products out there that don’t have enough sales for their shop owners to make a living because they don’t implement these techniques and don’t understand how important this step is. No matter how great your products are, if your shop doesn’t get discovered by potential buyers you will not be making money on Etsy, so don’t skip this step as it most important of them all.

Opening an Etsy shop & choosing a brand name

Before you open your Etsy shop you need to choose your brand name. This is a very important step as it is very hard to change your business name after and it is not good for your business to make those significant changes. You should create a name that is memorable, easy to pronounce and spell. Make sure to check if your new shop name is available on Etsy before making all the branding elements with it, so you don’t have to do it all over again with a different name. To find out if your desired name is available you can type it in the shop name section during the process of shop creation and click on “Check availability”. 

To open an Etsy shop visit and select Get started. You need to choose your country, currency, and language and set up your payments and billing address. Etsy has this great article that explains in detail how to open an Etsy shop. You can check it out here.

Developing a unique brand identity

It is an absolute must to develop your brand identity. I know this may seem like a daunting task to many who are not designers, but it is important to have a successful and recognizable business.

You need to pick 2-3 main colors for your brand, as well as about 2 fonts and stick to it on all of your branding material. Be careful when choosing your color palette as changing the color palette in the future will change your whole brand feel and it will not be good for your business. If you are creating nursery wall art, dainty jewelry, bridal party gifts, or something along those lines, you can have a more feminine pastel color palette, such as lighter shades of pink or salmon.

In regards to the fonts you can either have a modern-looking straight font or an elegant cursive font, but please be careful that it is readable enough. If you are for example selling customized products for kids, or kids’ clothing then a bright and colorful palette with playful font will fit much better. Dark colors and bold straight fonts are good for luxury products for men, such as customized men’s watches or leather jewelry.
Choosing colors which are too vivid like very bright red or neon green is just not appealing to the eye of the visitor, and you should avoid those. Try to think about which feeling you want people to have when looking at your Etsy page and try to match that.

Creating your logo

To have a successful shop you must have an original logo created to fit your brand’s image and message. If you are not a designer you can use for example Fiverr to hire a designer to create your logo. If you decide to trademark your logo later on you must make sure that your logo is 100% original, so it is best to hire a professional designer to create a logo. You should use your logo as an Etsy avatar and not for example your photo or a photo of a product. Having an actual logo looks much more professional. Although you may be a complete beginner if you create your branding the right way your shop will look like an established business that is selling for years on other markets and now wants to try Etsy and that will gain trust among your potential buyers.

Please don’t take creating branding lightly, and take the time to create your branding the right way before you open a shop, as it is a very important step and it will affect everything you do in the future. Make sure to ask your friends and family what they think about the logo and other branding elements before you publish it on your Etsy shop.

Creating the banner for your Etsy shop

You should also create a matching banner for your Etsy shop using your brand colors. There is no right or wrong way to create a banner, it just needs to be appealing and match your brand. You can either create a collage using your best products like this:

or you can highlight your business name using your brand’s colors like this:

or you can have both your logo and best products along with some text like this:

The best tool to use to create an appealing Etsy shop banner is Canva. Canva has a ton of already-made designs that you can customize to fit your own needs. Even though I am a graphic designer I still prefer to use Canva for my brand as it saves so much time and the results are really amazing, so I highly recommend it. 

Your Etsy Shop Details

It is very important to fill your Etsy shop information properly as this also helps with Etsy’s SEO which will help you start making money on Etsy.

Your Shop Title

Your shop title is what goes under your shop name and logo. It can contain up to 55 characters and it is a great place to start with SEO. You should put your main keyword here.

Let’s look at this example.

The shop title here is :
“Wedding Guest Books | Photo Booth Albums | Wooden Books”

This shop owner used three keywords here: wedding guest books, photo booth albums, and wooden books. Now let’s check out these keywords to see what is the competition for it. The easiest way to check out the keyword is to simply type it in the Etsy search bar and see the results. You can see that this keyword has 19.291 results on Etsy.

Let’s check the other keyword: “Photo Booth Albums”. This one has a lot fewer results – only 1411 results which means that there are not many listings with this keyword, which is a huge thing as that means it will be much easier to rank for it.

If you only sell one specific product in different variations, such as this shop, it will be easier to find the right keywords, but if you for example sell a lot of different wedding decor products and you decide to use “wedding decor” as your main keyword, this is how many results are there – 1.082.141 results! And getting discovered among that many listings is hard, so you should aim for the ones with fewer results.

In that case, you should either use your shop title to write a few of your best products, such as “personalized wedding hangers” with 13,962 results, “personalized napkins” with 21,734 results, and maybe use “wedding decor” at the end of your shop title so that it is clear that you sell more than wedding hangers and napkins.

Your Shop’s About Section

The “About” section is a very important part of your shop. In this section, you shouldn’t write about your personal story, as this is the place where you will persuade potential buyers to buy from you if they can’t decide between yours and someone else’s shop. You should be focused on your customers while writing the “About” section.

The questions you should ask yourself while writing the About section of your shop are:

  1. How will your products solve their problems?
  2.  What will your buyers gain from purchasing your products?
  3.  Why should people buy from you and not from someone else?
  4.  What makes your products better than your competitors? – For example, maybe you offer free domestic shipping, or you use high-quality materials but have lower prices than others. Feel free to emphasize this, but don’t sound desperate.

Your Shop Policies

This section is very important as in this section you can (and should) write everything your buyers need to know. I will try to cover everything I think is important to help your buyers understand your business, as well as to protect yourself. You need to be completely transparent here to avoid any type of misunderstanding and to put your buyers at ease before they even make a purchase. You should always encourage your buyers to read your shop’s policies before purchasing.

For example, if you don’t offer refunds on personalized products and your buyer decides to ask for one and opens a case, Etsy will decide in your favor if you have written in your shop policies that you don’t offer refunds on personalized products. You should protect yourself as well as gain the trust of your buyers.

Your shop policies should have the following sections:

  • Work hours – Adding your work hours will help buyers know when you will be able to respond. You can even set up an automatic reply on weekends, for example. I strongly recommend that you respond as soon as possible if you have an Etsy app, as fast replies mean a lot, especially for new shops.

  • Your process – This is great for shops that sell personalized products. Here you can write more about your process and how a buyer can personalize their order. Even though you have listings for this, you should have it in the shop policies too.

  • Processing and shipping timelines – For your buyers to plan things accordingly they need to know when their order will arrive. You should be very clear here and you should have realistic timelines which you will be able to fulfill. Since there are some things you can’t control such as possible shipping delays, I would recommend that you write that in some rare cases, there can be delays which you can’t control, but to always try to do whatever you can so that your buyers receive their products as soon as possible.

  • Your Return And Refund Policy – This is also a place where you should be very transparent. While writing this make sure to think of every possible situation for a return or refund and write them all. For example, maybe you offer returns for non-personalized items, but you don’t offer that for personalized items, so make sure to emphasize that. Maybe you are selling clothes and underwear. In this case, you should write that you accept returns for clothes, but not for underwear. It is also very important that you give a timeline in which your buyer should contact you about the return or refund. Recommended timelines are 1-7 business days. You also need to write in which conditions the returned product must be (unworn for example).

  • Damaged Package – Another very important thing to write here is what will happen if the product gets damaged in transit. In that case, you should ship a replacement, but you will need to write the timeline in which the buyer should contact you along with a photo of a damaged product. I would recommend 1-3 business days.

  • Unclaimed Package – You should be able to reship the package if the buyer covers the shipping expenses.

  • Wrong address – If the package returns to you due to an incorrect address you will also need to resolve this. If your buyer provided the wrong address, you should reship the package once you confirm that the new address is correct, and in that case, the buyer should pay for the reshipping costs.


In this section, you need to cover all the questions a potential buyer may ask. Make sure to update this regularly when a buyer asks you questions, as that probably means that somebody else will be asking it again, so it is better to have it all in one place.

Listing Optimization

Many new Etsy sellers lose confidence when they don’t get enough sales and sooner or later abandon their shops, but you don’t have to! In this guide, you will have step-by-step instructions on how to have a successful Etsy shop.

The most important thing to do to get discovered on Etsy is to optimize your Etsy listing. If you have an amazing product, great professional photos, and a good listing description but you don’t optimize your listing for SEO you will NOT be discovered and you will NOT have any sales. So, this step is extremely important! It is better to have 50 well-optimizing listings than 1000 listings that are not optimized.

Etsy works in this way: they scan your listing’s title, tags, listing description, categories, and attributes and search for keywords that will match your buyers’ searches. According to Etsy, they gather all the listings from different shops and then rank them to show the most relevant ones to what the buyer is looking for. To appear on the first page of Etsy you must use strong keywords and incorporate them in all the places Etsy scans.

In this blog post, I will create a dummy listing to show you the steps you need to take to optimize your listing step by step. So, this is our dummy product – a personalized mug with your name and floral design.

Listing images

One of the most important things besides SEO is your main listing image as that will make buyers click on your listing instead of on someone else’s who sells a similar product. You MUST have attractive clear images as that is what a potential buyer will see first. If you are only creating the designs and fulfilling your orders using a third-party partner like Printify you will not have actual products at home to take good photos. In that case, you must use mockups to showcase your design.

Mockup is a render of your product design and it shows your buyers how the finalized product will look. Mockups are great as they are realistic, clear, and look professional.

There are a lot of places you can buy mockups, and it depends a lot on your design skills. If you are a graphic designer you can use programs like Adobe Photoshop to either create your own mockups or use mockups you buy from Creative Market, Creative FabricaDesign Bundles or Etsy.

If you don’t have a lot of experience you can use a very useful tool (which I used for this product) and is a website called Placeit. On their website, you can upload your design and they will automatically put it into a professional-looking mockup that is very realistic. They offer a monthly subscription which is affordable and their library is pretty large so you can take the most of it. You just need to pick the mockup you like, click on it, and then click on insert an image.

Once the image generates you will receive great results like this which you can download and use as your listing images.

If you are selling hand-made items make sure to photograph them from different angles on a daily light and edit the contrast and colors if needed using any photo software.

Etsy accepts only these formats: .jpg, .gif, or .png, and the recommended size for listing images is 2000px for the shortest side of the image, and a resolution of 72dpi.

Finding The Right Keywords For Your Listing

Before you publish your listing you MUST do keyword research and make a list of the keywords you are going to use. I will explain in detail how to do keyword research the right way using both Etsy search and Google. For one listing you should focus on one main keyword which you will also use at the start of your listing’s title.

There is a very good trick to get more visibility on Etsy and reach a wider audience. Even though we for example have only this one mug – a personalized mug with flowers and a name, we can create multiple listings for it using different keywords for different viewers.

For example, we can create multiple different listings for the same product focusing on different things:

  • Design (floral)
  •  Both design and size (floral, 11oz)
  •  Recipient (grandma, mom, sister, girlfriend…)

If you are selling hand-made items make sure to photograph them from different angles on a daily light and edit the contrast and colors if needed using any photo software.

Etsy accepts only these formats: .jpg, .gif, or .png, and the recommended size for listing images are 2000px for the shortest side of the image, and a resolution of 72dpi. 

Short vs Long-Tailed Keywords

You should always use long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are keywords that consist of 3 to 6 words and are more specific than more commonly used keywords. The key to ranking high on Etsy or Google is to always use long-tail keywords.

Example of a short keyword: “personalized mug”

When you search that keyword on Etsy you get 205.294 results. The chance of your new listing being found in the sea of other listings like this is very low. Also, people who search “personalized mug” probably don’t know if they want to purchase a personalized pet mug, photo mug, or something else. Maybe they are just looking around for gift ideas, but they are not sure what they are looking for and they are most probably not ready to buy yet. Your goal is to rank high for keywords that people who know what they want will search for. People who know what they want will be more specific and will most likely use more descriptive search terms. That is why using long-tailed keywords is extremely important. 

Example of a long-tailed keyword: “personalized floral mug with a name”

However, when you search the term “personalized floral mug with a name” on Etsy you only get 2782 results which is pretty good, but whenever you can (depending on your niche), you should aim for even lower results, preferably under 800. That is not always possible, but you need to brainstorm the ideas and think as a customer: what would you type if you know what you want to buy?

Do you notice how the long-tailed keyword in this case is way more descriptive than the short one? People who search for this type of keyword already know what they are looking for, which means that they are ready to buy. This is very important and you should aim for that as this is what will get you sales.

Your listing will get a higher score if your conversion rate is higher, and a lower conversion rate can badly affect your shop, so you need to get people to make a purchase and you can do that by using long-tailed keywords.

So, our main keyword for this listing will be “personalized floral mug with a name” and that is what we will put at the beginning of our listing title. You can also create a new keyword similar to this one by using a word that is a bit different but still means the same as you never know what people will search for. In this case, that variation will be a “personalized flower mug with the name”.

Try using the Etsy auto-suggest on the search bar you can brainstorm more keywords. You can enter a short keyword and see which long-tailed keyword will come up. For example, I searched for “personalized mug” which is not a keyword we should use as it has 205.294 results, but using this short keyword we can find long-tailed keywords. Etsy auto-suggest is based on what people are frequently searching for, so it is a good place to look for keywords.

The long-tail keyword that comes up is for example “personalized mug flower”. When we enter that in the search bar we get 16,193 results, which is much better than 205.294 results. That would be our second keyword – “personalized mug flower”.

I am focusing here on the floral design and I am exploring that aspect, so we can try to type “flower mug” to see what comes up. “Flower mug” has 92,781 results which is a lot, so we can do the same thing as above and type “flower mug” into the search bar to see which long-tailed keywords will come up:

Since our listing is for custom flower mug, a good keyword from this list would be “flower mug custom” which has 13,427 results. That would be our third keyword.
We can also try different keywords maybe this time focusing on the recipient, for example “flower mug for mom” which when typed into the Etsy search bar has 18,124 results. That would be our fourth keyword.

Another great way to find keywords when you feel that your Etsy bar search is saturated, you can try googling your main long-tail keyword, which in our case is “personalized flower mug with a name” and just add Etsy at the end of it, so it will be “personalized flower mug with a name Etsy”.

This is what comes up:

In this case by just googling our main long-tailed keyword we can see the related searches, such as “name flower mug”, “flower mug with name”, “custom flower name mug”, “personalized flower coffee mug”.

When we type those keywords into Etsy search bar we get these results:

  • “name flower mug” – 7,461 results
  • “flower mug with name” – 7,501 results
  • “custom flower name mug” – 5,825 results
  • “personalized flower coffee mug” – 9,172 results You can also use a variation here with “s”, so it is “personalised flower coffee mug” – 9,968 results

You can also look for synonyms, such as cup instead of a mug and you can try all the keywords with “cup” instead of a “mug” to see what you will come up with. These are the results for the keywords we found when searching our main keyword on Google and adding Etsy after it, but this time I used “cup” instead of “mug”

  • “name flower cup” – 6,220 results
  • “flower cup with name” – 6,224 results
  • “custom flower name cup” – 5,825 results
  • “personalized flower coffee cup” – 7,556 results
  • “personalised flower coffee cup” – 7,464 results

At the end of our keyword research we came up with 14 long-tail keywords and here is a full list:

  • “personalized floral mug with a name” – 2,782 results
  • “personalized mug flower” – 16,193 results
  • “flower mug custom” – 13,427 results
  • “flower mug for mom” – 18,124 results
  • “name flower mug” – 7,461 results
  • “flower mug with name” – 7,501 results
  • “custom flower name mug” – 5,825 results
  • “personalized flower coffee mug” – 9,172 results
  • “personalised flower coffee mug” – 9,968 results
  • “name flower cup” – 6,220 results
  • “flower cup with name” – 6,224 results
  • “custom flower name cup” – 5,825 results
  • “personalized flower coffee cup” – 7,556 results
  • “personalised flower coffee cup” – 7,464 results

You can see that our first one “personalized floral mug with a name” has the least results (only 2,782) which gives us the best chance of being discovered and that is why we will use this one as our main keyword.

Listing title

Your listing title can have up to 140 characters, and you need to use them wisely. The beginning of your listing title is one of the most important parts of your listing and you should put your MAIN KEYWORD there. When it comes to the rest of the title you can use other long-tailed keywords from your list with lower competition. You can separate them by using “,” or “|” to make your listing title look clear.

The title I choose in this case is: “Personalized Floral Mug With A Name, Personalized Flower Coffee Mug, Custom Flower Name Mug, Name Flower Mug, Flower Mug With Name”

I used a combination of our long-tailed keywords from the list we made and made it fit 140 characters. I always use capital first letters so the title looks more clear.

You should also fill all other fields, including category, material etc.


Your product attributes act as additional tags, according to Etsy’s new algorithm so you should use them whenever it is applicable. Attributes are all the additional information you can choose on your listing, such as color, capacity, occasion, holiday, graphics, and more. You should use all of this whenever applicable. If for example, we decide to create a new listing of our dummy mug and use Mother’s day related tags as a possible Mother’s day gift, we should also use the holiday section to select “Mother’s day”.

While these sections are pretty limited you should still use them, and add your own keywords which better describe your product in your listing title, description, and tags. And there is also one important thing: since attributes act as tags, you don’t need to use those phrases in your tags too. For example, if you choose “flowers” as an attribute for a graphic, you don’t have to use “flowers mug” as a tag, as it is basically already there as a tag. However, you can choose “custom flowers mug” as a tag as it is a long-tailed keyword.

Listing Description

As of May 2022, Etsy announced that they will also scan listing descriptions for keywords, and not only listing titles and keywords. They will focus on the first few sentences so you need to make sure you use this part of your listing description wisely. Do not just copy your listing title in your listing description as that would be considered keyword stuffing and that can affect your shop. You need to put your tags as naturally as possible. You need to create a sentence or two that will include your most important keywords at the top of your listing description.

Let’s say our most important tags for this listing are “personalized floral mug with a name” with 2,782 results, “custom flower name mug” with 5,825 results, and “flower mug with name” – 7,501 results.

We already use those keywords in our listing title:
“Personalized Floral Mug With A Name, Personalized Flower Coffee Mug, Custom Flower Name Mug, Name Flower Mug, Flower Mug With Name”

This is the description I came up with for our listing, and this type of first few sentences is what you need to write to help your SEO. I used all of our three main tags here and put them naturally in the sentences. There is no keyword stuffing.

Can you see how this text is fitting just above the “Learn more about this item” button? That is part of your Etsy listing description that is scanned by the Etsy algorithm and that is the place you need to put your main keywords.

After this, you should write more about your product, and make sure to cover all questions your buyer may ask. In this case, you should have a short care guide. If your mugs or tumblers are not dishwasher safe you need to highlight this so that your customers don’t make a mistake and destroy the design.

You should always encourage them in your listing description to read your shop policy before purchasing, so there is no misunderstanding.

Listing tags

One of the main places Etsy will search for your keywords is, of course, the Etsy tags section. You are able to put up to 13 tags, and that shows as “optional”. It is not optional at all, and you MUST use all 13 tags to get the most exposure that is possible for your listing.

So, we did an Etsy keyword search and choose some great long-tailed keywords and now we need to put them in our listing tags, BUT there is one tricky Etsy feature that can disturb our plans – Etsy’s limit for a tag is only 20 characters (this also includes spaces between words). That means that most of our long-tailed tags will not fit. In that case, we need to use one long-tailed tag and make two medium size tags out of it. What we need to do first is to use the keywords from our keyword research which can actually fit and create more along the way.

Let’s say we used the keywords we could from our list (the ones with up to 20 characters), but we still have to think of more keywords to fit 13 tags. For example, let’s use our main keyword: “personalized floral mug with a name”. This keyword has 35 characters, so there is no way this can fit the characters limit. In that case, we need to make two keywords by using the words from our main keyword. We can for example use “custom name mug” (we use custom here instead of “personalized” as that word has fewer characters and can fit) and “floral mug with name”.

You should never just assume that people will type the keyword you came up with in the search bar. Before you put your tags you need to check them in the Etsy search bar, to see how big the competition is. In this case, I tried to look up “custom name mug” and I came up with 63,692 results, which is a lot, and that tells me that the tag I wanted to use will not help our listing as the competition is too big, so I decided not to use it. However, when I type “floral mug with name” in the Etsy search bar I get only 6,789 results, which tells me that keyword is a good one to use.

You can start brainstorming from there to find more keywords. For example, since I saw that “floral mug with name” is a good keyword based on how many searches it has (the lower the better), I can come up with variations of this to use for more tags.

For this process you need to just try to think like a buyer: what would you type and what phrases will you use if you are searching for that type of product? We can try to use “flower” or “flowers” instead of “floral” and see what we can come up with. You can also use different synonyms that make sense, as well as different word orders as Etsy cares about that. If you put “flower mug with name” and somebody searches for “mug with name flower” your listing will not come up. So, try to use both variations whenever possible, but make sure to check how many results it has in the Etsy search. In this case our keyword with different word order “mug with name flower” has 6,865 results, which is also good in this case, so we can use it.

So, I thought of “flower mug” and I typed it into the search bar. Since this is a short keyword (only 2 words) it is not something we should use, but when we type that in the search bar we can see Etsy’s auto suggest and come up with new keywords. “Flower mug custom” is a good one for our product as we are creating a listing for a floral mug with custom elements (name). And a plus is that this keyword already came up when we did our keyword research before with 13,427 results.

If you repeat your main keywords at least twice in your listing title, description, and tags you will have better chances to be seen. So, if our main keyword is “personalized floral mug with a name” we should repeat “personalized”, “floral” and “name” at least twice throughout our listing.

Important: Etsy only looks for the root of the words you use, so don’t use precious tag space to use both “flower mug custom” and “flower mugs custom” as Etsy doesn’t care about the plurals. If you use “mug” and “mugs” and “cup” and “cups” for each of your tags you will have much less space to write tags that will actually help your shop.

There is no special science in regards to Etsy’s SEO, and you need to do a lot of research and brainstorming like I showed above, to come up with good tags, but if you always check your keywords in Etsy search and make decisions to use or not use them based on how many results you get, your listing should be ranked high enough to be seen.

By implementing the techniques from this guide you will be able to learn how to make money on Etsy and have a successful Etsy shop which will generate income for years to come. I implemented these EXACT techniques for all three of my shop as well as my clients’ shops and all of them had great success. 

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