How to Design Pinterest Pins That Get Tons Of Clicks

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Let’s talk about the magic of good pin designs and why they’re an absolute game-changer for your blog. First off, nailing those pin designs is like giving your blog posts a sparkling makeover. When your pins are visually appealing, they instantly grab the attention of your audience as they scroll through their feeds. A well-designed pin makes readers pause, take notice, and click to learn more. It’s like setting up a virtual “Welcome” sign that invites readers to explore your content further.

But it’s not just about catching eyes; it’s about making a lasting impression. Imagine your pin as the first impression of your blog post. A thoughtfully designed pin gives readers a taste of what’s to come. The colors, fonts, and images you choose convey the vibe and essence of your content. When readers click through and find that your pin matches the blog post, they’ll stay longer, engage more, and maybe even become loyal readers. It’s like turning a curious passerby into a delighted guest at your blog’s cozy virtual home.

In this blog post I’ll share some tips on how to design Pinterest pins that get tons of clicks. Let’s get creative and make those pins pop! So, grab your coffee, and let’s dive in!

  • Start with captivating images: When it comes to Pinterest, visuals are everything. Choose high-quality, eye-catching images that resonate with your blog post’s topic. Whether it’s a delicious recipe, a travel destination, or a DIY project, your image should spark curiosity in just a glance.

  • Choose bold fonts: Your pin’s text should be legible and stand out. Choose bold, easy-to-read fonts that complement the image. A strong headline or a catchy phrase can pique interest and encourage clicks.

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  • Write pin descriptions: The pin’s description plays a vital role in getting clicks. Use relevant keywords and phrases that resonate with your target audience. But don’t just stop at informative—add an element of curiosity or a hint of what readers can expect from your blog post. A little mystery goes a long way!

  • Create a consistent style: Consistency is key on Pinterest. Develop a consistent style for your pins, using similar colors, fonts, and design elements. This not only establishes your brand identity but also makes your pins easily recognizable in the sea of content. The best way to do this is to purchase already made Canva templates set which you can use over and over again. I love this set, as it is beautiful, affordable, grabs attention and it is very easy to use.

  • Utilize vertical pins: Vertical pins, also known as “tall” pins, perform best on Pinterest. These pins take up more space and are more likely to catch the user’s eye as they scroll. Aim for a size ratio of around 2:3 or 600×900 pixels for optimal results.

  • Incorporate branding: While your pin design should be visually appealing, don’t forget to incorporate your branding elements. Add your blog’s logo or website to reinforce your brand identity and ensure that your content is easily associated with your blog.
  • Showcase the benefits: Highlight the value that readers will gain from clicking on your pin. Whether it’s solving a problem, learning something new, or finding inspiration, clearly communicate the benefits to entice users to click through.

  • Add call to action (CTA): A strong CTA encourages action. Use phrases like “Learn More,” “Get Inspired,” or “Discover Now” to encourage users to click and explore your blog post. Make sure your CTA aligns with the content of your pin and the post it leads to.

  • Test different designs: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pin designs. Create variations of your pins and track their performance. Pinterest Analytics can help you understand which designs are resonating with your audience and driving more clicks.

  • Stay relevant and seasonal: Tailor your pins to current trends, seasons, and holidays. Creating pins that align with what’s trending or relevant to the time of year can boost engagement and encourage more clicks. Great way to see what is currently trending is to use Pinterest trends. This is a valuable information because it gives you an idea of what is popular right now, which can help you come up with new blog post ideas.

Remember, the goal of designing Pinterest pins is to capture attention, spark curiosity, and drive traffic to your blog posts. With a little creativity, consistency, and a touch of your unique style, you’ll be well on your way to creating pins that get those clicks.

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